Mythos Hellenic Lager

Brewed since 1997 in Thessaloniki, Greece, Mythos is truly the heart of authentic Hellenic beer. The brew recipe is the product of the Greek master brewer's years of experience, combined with a long association with some of the finest European schools of brewing in Germany, Ireland, France and Denmark.

Mythos is now the largest selling Greek beer in Greece thanks to its superior quality and a genuinely unconventional brand personality. It is a highly favoured beer amongst foreign visitors but its potential is by no means limited to the boundaries of Greece. It is considered the world's most famous Hellenic beer and its popularity is increasing as consumers continue to relish the Mythos experience.

Mythos has a balanced, slightly sweet taste comprising of fruity nuances and hops, yet just the right amount of bitterness. With a long lasting and clear aftertaste, it is the refreshing way to enjoy the finest brew Greece has to offer.

4.7% ALC/VOL
4x (6x330mL) Bottles